TripAdvisor: Top 10 Destination in Indonesia

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Trust that you have had a great day today. As previously promised, I am going to share the Top 10 Destination in Indonesia that has been released by TripAdvisor. Details can be found directly on its site by clicking [link]. For your who have read my previous post, I would like to express my sincere gratitude (what a heavy word I used… hahaha…) for providing your valuable time in reading my post. (HAPPY :D)
By the way, Happy to share that my review has been published (again) in TA. Getting hot to get the next badge. Hahaha…
Here we go, we will start from no 1 to the last,… Keep reading!
1. Ubud

Ubud is the home of the Balinese royal family and, for a relatively small town, boasts an impressive number of museums and galleries and a thriving arts scene. Visitors can learn the craft of silver-smithing, visit one of Ubud’s many spas or yoga centers or feed monkeys at the Monkey Forest.
Based on the reviews released by TA and some other sources includes from the Travel Agents in Bali, Ubud is getting famous among tourists especially after the Eat, Pray and Love been released. The charm of the people, its genuine culture, home for several famous artists make Ubud becomes one of the best destination in Indonesia. Trust you also interested in visiting Ketut Lier’s place for a palm reading; or visiting Puri Lukisan Ubud for its painting collection or simply visiting the Ubud Palace for a walk and watch Balinese traditional dance.
2. Seminyak 
Seminyak boasts some of the most glorious beaches in Bali. Be sure to catch the legendary sunsets and enjoy the tranquil beauty, and marvel at Balinese ceremonies on the beach, complete with gamelan players and offerings to the gods. Of course, don’t let the smooth sands and intricate cultural experiences distract you from spas and shopping! Sophisticated spas and high-end boutiques will entice you away from the waterfront—for a short time, anyway.
A place to find abundance good places for dining, sunset experience or just chilling in between your holiday plans. An up-scale tourism area that getting well-known for its comfort place to stay. I have celebrated my 26 birthday couple of days ago in one of the Must Visit beach club and for sure, I will share a review of this place soon. Don’t miss it! 🙂
3. Jakarta
Chaotic, crowded, and cosmopolitan, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a city of contrasts. Home to millions of people from around the world, the city is a mixture of languages and cultures, poverty and wealth. The city boasts some of the best nightlife in Asia and some of the worst traffic. Every holiday, the locals escape the pollution and the crowds to enjoy relaxing diversions like Ancol Dreamland, an amusement area featuring water parks, beaches, golf courses, and a SeaWorld.
Well, as above described, Jakarta for me is a crowded city to stay even just for a short visit. Yes, somehow I like Jakarta since it provides thousand of shopping choices but for living, I rather to choose Singapore for similar options but in better organisation. I spend my holiday sometimes in Jakarta, couple of my bothers and sisters are living in the city that make me have an option to visit. One day, when Jakarta become more organise I am sure Jakarta will be a better place for living.
4. Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is a hotbed of luxurious accommodations, golf resorts, fine dining and R&R. Surfing and diving are popular activities for more active visitors to this beach destination. Trek up the many steps to Mother Temple Besakih and combine sight-seeing with muscle toning. An array of spas, galleries and boutiques await those who prefer less exertion. Local Barong performances can be admired at Batubulan.
For me, Nusa Dua is one of my hunting spot. Few photographing spots are available on the seas shore with magnificent view. The Peninsula Island also becomes one of the best place for pre-wedding shot. I have snapping some pictures when I was on my hunting mood.
5. Kuta
Kuta boasts the best beaches in Bali, a five-mile stretch of clean sand that is a magnet for surfers and sunbathers. When that golden sun goes down, the animals come out—the party animals, that is. Kuta nightlife is almost frantic, as global tourists bounce from restaurant to nightclub in an effort to soak up the Kula experience like a well-dressed sponge.
Well, don’t you ever say that you have been in Bali before you take your first step in Kuta that is the common fact that is used I heard among tourists. Yes, it can be a kind of tradition that people is used to. A bit crowded nowdays, many changing but it provides the night life people searched.
6. Sanur
The postcard-perfect beaches of Sanur are truly idyllic, the realization of all those daydreams about Bali beach vacations. More laid-back than neighboring vacation destinations, Sanur is the type of place where hip Europeans who have outgrown the party scene come to recharge. Every year, the endless blue skies are peppered with flecks of vibrant color, during the International Kite Festival. The spas are paradise, found, dedicated to refreshing every fiber of your being in the most indulgent ways imaginable.
Sanur is well-known as Bali oldest upscale tourism destination. Famous for Le Mayeur works that available on the museum and its uniqueness of living. I feel the life is running slowly, peaceful. But don’t asking for night life in Sanur as it provides a difference options for your holiday. Sea walker, diving or snorkeling to kite surfing are available.
7. Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta boasts stunning architecture and a truly spiritual sensibility. The ancient Hindu temples of Prambanan look like hand-drizzled sand castles, while the Sultan’s palace is reminiscent of a gilded music box filled with jewels. Known for its arts and handicrafts, Yogyakarta is a cultural hub that’s a nerve center for traditional and modern puppetry.
Been here for few times, spending my school holiday. Peaceful place to hide from your routines.
8. Bandung
Bandung is Indonesia’s 3rd largest city but lies close enough to Jakarta and offers cooler weather. Bandung offers a large amount of Dutch Colonial architecture as well as a beautiful botanic garden, a zoo, golf courses, and a wide variety of food offerings.
Never been here, but some friends recommend Bandung to find cool stuff such as cloth line and related items. Culinary trip will be worth to be paid.
9. Legian
Low-key Legian is the picture of relaxation. Just about the only action the beach gets is from the evening fire spinners, whose quick hands pass orange balls of light through the sky. Surfers, body boarders and sunbathers share the calm sands happily. There are plenty of markets, cafes and restaurants to satisfy your cravings for merchandise and meals. If you itch to mingle with locals, you might be able to join in the evening game of football that happens nightly on Blue Ocean Beach.

Longing for night life? You are in the right place. However, I am interested in this area to chill. I much prefer Seminyak area since, for me, Seminyak is more classy and good to chill. 24 hours night life for you with bottles of beer accompanying your night.


10. Surabaya

Surabaya sparkles! Besides being beautiful, this city is packed with appealing activities, from shopping to cultural excursions to world -lass golf courses that attract green gurus from all over the world. Dozens of malls and markets await your retail therapy session, whether you seek high-end luxury items or artsier local crafts.
Surabaya is identically remind me of shopping and Lontong Balap (will share about it another time). Ah,… crowded and humid.
Well Travelers, this is it for now. I am going to share another post another time. At the meantime, please feel free to share any comment and will be glad to receive it.
Happy Writing!
Enjoy Reading!
Great Evening!
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