A Business Trip: Work Can be Fun

Hello Traveler,…

Suddenly, I feel something inside my heart when I saw couple of shots which was taken during our business trip last year. Well, it was a busy trip but we found our way to escape for seconds. So, who say that business trip can’t be fun?

Here are some shots we have made during our “cheat” and definitely will this another time. πŸ˜€

Dinner Time (2010): This is what we called business ^^

See, what I found in between my busy day πŸ™‚ Bumblebee ❀ (2012)

Dresden (2010): Hiding from the duty, here we found fun

Lost in Berlin (2011): I was lost in Wilmerdorferstrasse just because of “stopwatch” for our “tonight event”

I got lost; I knew nothing; I was super busy, but I always find myself to have fun. Hahaha… It is always great to friends and colleague between every situation. It is always good to find ourselves ready for everything might happened. Friends are priceless. Let’s make money works for us instead and business trip is always can be fun.

Priceless Friends means everything, I love you!

Wish you have a great day ahead!

I wish we will have another great time to spend in between our rush times. Love!

-Strawberry Traveler-


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