Jazzy Sunday: A Huge Green Park

Hi Travelers… Feel bored of everything around? Missing a day of refreshment? May be you can try this. Take your picnic suit, get packed and ready for a day in a park. I was feeling so bored after a week of office routines. A week ago, my head was overloaded and need something to break it up. I decided to go to Bali Botanical Garden; located the north of Bali Island (I guess 🙂 ) namely Bedugul in Tabanan Regency, about 50 km from Denpasar.

The place is so huge; you will pay for IDR 7.000 per person for the entrance fee and IDR 12.000 per car. From the entrance, you will start to enjoy the situation. Cold, green, peaceful… Much different from the city life and you will find many different plants can be found along with its name and purpose. There are several parts of the park that consists of different plant areas; you may find Palms area, Orchids area, Roses, Bamboos, Cactus and many more. The fresh garden brings fresh air… It recharges your body, gives a new life. Inhale… exhale, inhale… exhale… Smile! 🙂

Here we go; I am pleased to share few shots I took in the park. See what you may do or what you find amongst those plants…

Purple Flower

Group of Pedestrians

Hey, you can also find romance between the trees 🙂

A Strange Colourful Fruit – Believe me it tastes nothing

There is a treasure hidden between the leaves

Greeeeennnn Fern….

The colour of leaves

Jewel of the Forrest

Lake View from the Edge



Those images also available on my Flickr account. Just feel free to hit my page to find out more. Would be more than glad to have you visiting my page.

And now, are you ready to have fun for the next weekend?? I wish you are. Plan some ideas, take your tripod and camera for some snaps.



-Strawberry Traveler-














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