Jazzy Sunday: By the Lake

Hi Travelers,…

Following my previous post of Jazzy Sunday: A Huge Green Park; I’d like to share another post (still) related to Bedugul. 🙂 As previously stated, there are two lakes in Baturiti (Bedugul), Buyan and Berathan Lake. I used to camp with some friends in Buyan Lake, it has a good spot for camping.

Well, couple of weeks ago I was visiting Beratan Lake where you may find Balinese Hindu temple that known as Ulun Danu temple. I was not exactly at the temple area on my last visit, however it is still on walking distance to the temple. Based on the information that shared by Parisada Hindu Dharma [link], the temple was built in 500 BC. THe temple consists of four complex of temples, they are Lingga Petak Temple, Penataran Pucak Mangu, Terate Bang and Dalem Purwa Temple.

Anyway, several activities can be found by the lake, for instance: Boat ride and fishing. Here is few details of the rate for your reference:

1. Small Boat to ride around Beratan Lake at IDR 100.000/4 people

2. Big Boat to ride around Beratan Lake at IDR 180.000/4 people

3. Sampan (traditional boat) at IDR 50.000/5 people

4. Duck Ride at IDR 35.000/30 minutes

5. Happy Boat at IDR 30.000/30 minutes

6. Fishing at IDR 5.000, includes baits

Photo by: Strawberry Traveler

Should you wish to stay for a night or two, there are several good accommodations to stay. The price is about to start from IDR 100.000 per room/night. It depends on the type of the accommodation and facilities you would like to. I and my family are used to stay in Enjung Beji (taking family room that fit for 6 people with extra-bed). Magnificent lake view and trust me, you will not need any Air Conditioner as it is cold enough. LOL…

After all, you may would like to visit the local market. They sell selections of local veggies; fruits (ah,… Strawberry is the main commodity). Here, the art of bargaining is required. (Psst… This is th

e reason why I love to buy somethings at the local/traditional market) If they are asking for IDR 30.000 for a kilo of strawberry, please ask IDR 15.000; they may let you take in the price you have asked or they will reduce the price and we will meet the reasonable price to wrap it in.

At the market
Photo by: Strawberry Traveler

Alright then,… It’s for this post. Please check my Flickr account for more images of my trip. 🙂


-Strawberry Traveler-


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