Foody Day, Cooking Mood is Turned ON!

Happy Sunday… or Almost Sunday for some of you.

Travelers, how do you spend your holiday, your day off, or whatever day it is? Have ever treat yourself with a good food? Good food here, I mean yourself cooking. Yes, I agree, sometimes we deserve a treat after a long busy weekdays and would be pleased to have sometimes to spend in a good restaurant or even in a spa. Well, lately I am not sure what drive me to prepare my own meal. Almost every day, I have my own cooking lunch and dinner. Ah, I am not that good in cooking thing. I like to cook a simple non-spice food, typical Chinese food.

Bizarre feeling I feel when I manage to finish one dish and can’t hardly wait to try other recipes. Basically, I am grown up in a traditional family. My Mom raised and feed me with home cooking. It is good indeed, however, when I grown up and start to manage my own life, I rarely taste the home cooking that I really missed! I can’t make typical of foods that my Mom is used to prepare; I have my own food version that modified from the recipe I found in the internet or magazine or cooking channel. As previously shared, I like a simple non-spice food. And, lately a mix of West and East is my option. LOL…

Herewith, proudly I present few of my success dishes and will definitely make another time for my lunch. So sorry, even I live in Bali – the island of Gods, no local food I can make. I am just not into it, I have it sometimes but too spice for certain dish. :p

Oh I love mushroom, then I made my own sauce for my pasta. How does it looked? LOL

Pasta with Home Made Mushroom Sauce A La Me

I don’t really like chicken, however, you still chicken of other meat on your diet. We need to balance the food we consume. At least, we have enough veggies, fruits and meat or fish daily that absorbed by our body.

White Fried Chicken with Green Bean

Another green bean seen on my dish. This is typical Indonesian side dish, mostly Perkedel made of mashed potatoes. Some, made it from corn, tofu, sweet potatoes, or corned beef. In its original version (that known as Frikedel), it is made of pure beef (corned beef) with seasoning and fried.

Perkedel (Frikedel): Made of mashed potatoes mixed with seasoning and corned beef (optional)

Another potatoes… LOL

Crisp Baby Potatoes: A quarter left of my Crisp Baby Potatoes

You’ll love the idea to have a good food to consume. Balancing your diet with exercise and an healthy dishes. Most of us are used to get lost to the definition of healthy food. Fat is not always bad, we just need to control it. Be aware of the contents of our food. Foods that we think are healthy, sometimes it is not. Ugh…

Fruit Salad: A small treat to refresh

Well, that’s for today. Will share another post of another mood!

Happy Traveling!

Keep your body shaped!

Happy Reading!





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