Bali Tempoe Doeloe (Bali in the Past)

Hi… Monday is used to be a busy day. But not today, I have a good time behind my desk with some papers to be done. Half has been done, another half will be done in couple of hours (I guess… LOL). I moved my hand, dancing over the keyboard and then I found an interesting page in Facebook. It was about Hinduism, but I really do not understand why there are few people still in their narrow way of thinking were talking, judging and doing a provocative action behind religions. Do they ever think that there is only one GOD, despite the different in how you present Him on your own language or in your way of worship. No religion teaches you about bad things. NONE! It’s about the people who tends to judge others are worse than theirs.

Anyway, why should I give a damn for those people?! Back to the interesting thing now… Some images of the old Bali, about the people and all its details. Well, interesting though after seeing the current development of Bali. So many changing, people changed along with the way of life. However, it is an old part the history  that gives a deep impression of how people during the past of days.

Bali, where I lays my heart; my life and my love for years.

Bali, where I find a peaceful mixture between the locals and foreigners.

Bali, where I always put my trust that the youth will bring back the Bali cultures alive.

Changing, is good. But for me, several things need to be maintained as it is in particular.  Otherwise, you will lost your identity and nothing can exchanged.

By the way, please enjoy below images. Further details can be found by following this [link].

Balinese House

Market: The Old “Pasar Badung/Peken Payuk”

At the Market

The Bali Royal Family

Mother & Son

And,… how do you think of the Old Bali? A very traditional way of life ever exist. The development of science brings a major changing to the world in general. What we have seen today is the result of the old days.




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