Fast and Simple or Fresh and Simple???

Merry Christmas everyone!

I heard the bells are ringing and the jingles are singing…

I got my beautiful holiday and I thank for it. It’s been a while since my last long good holiday. While I am taking my time to watch TV, I was in a great shocked to know a little fact that may we don’t even realise.  I was watching TLC for Jamie Oliver’s show – Jamie’s Food Revolution. He was trying to introduce what is a good food to an elementary school and a family in Huntington City in the US, but despite having good news; he found the school children prefer to choose fast food instead of a fresh healthy food. But the most shocking moment I watched when he showed up to a class and brought some fresh vegetables to be shown to the children. None of them know the fresh ingredients; they do not even know a potato nor a tomato or an eggplant. School children do not like the fresh food prepared.

Courtesy of foodnetwork.comJamie Oliver - Food Revolution

Courtesy of
Jamie Oliver – Jamie’s Food Revolution

It is just punched me right on my face!!!

They know french-fries, burgers, and many others fast food but they do not know what it made of.

How come???

Then, when he visited a family he found this family have had dozens of instant food on refridge. Instant food on cans, instant noodles, instant pizzas and it’s horrible. They have so many soft drinks and I thought they do not drink any fresh water (mineral water).

Instant Pizza

Instant Pizza

Yes, I realise that cooking a fresh ingredients take a longer time instead, but it does not mean you can have the fast food for your daily life. You may find your life style brings a high-risk for your health and you will pay higher at the end of the day.

A fresh homemade fruit salad

A fresh homemade fruit salad

There are so many simple recipes that ready in minutes. We have to think of the health issues and help to make life better and better. Over weight, obesity and heart attack are common issues caused by the instant life-style not only in the U.S but worldwide. Trust, you do not want to lose someone you love because of the instant food issues!

Fresh Fruit at the market

Fresh Fruit at the market

Just keep in mind, cooking is fun!

Happy holiday!



I was writing this post on Christmas Holiday!

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