The Essence of NYEPI (Caka New Year)

Hi Traveler,… You do not know how much I am missing this moment; to write; to share what I have seen. Well, it is 3 days before Nyepi (Silent Day/Caka New Year) in Bali. Every kampung/villages start their activities to purify all pratima/related religious items/instruments of every villages before the Pangerupukan/New Year’s Eve.

Ogoh-Ogoh, Waraha Avatar before parade

Ogoh-Ogoh, Waraha Avatar before parade

All well dressed, white in colour, walking to the beach for the procession accompanied by Gamelan/traditional music instrument. The heat from the sun does not bother them, they are keep walking heading to the beach. Praying, hoping that the forthcoming new year will bring prosperity and peace to one’s heart and to the world. It’s been dozen of villages and their members passing by. I am watching from the window at my office with a direct view to the street. I would love to join, but locked at the office seems an option not to be chosen. 🙂

According to Balinese Hindu encryption, Nyepi literally means silence has a deep essence of philosophy which aims to reach peaceful state of mind. There are four restrictions namely Catur Bharata Penyepian, consists of Amati Geni means no fire/light, Amati Karya means no work, Amati Lelungaan means no work and Amati Lelanguan means fasting or nowadays, simply reduce the desire to eat everything you are used to have.

On Pangerupukan, you will find many statue made of Styrofoam even woods which will be brought around on a parade. The statue/Ogoh-ogoh is the symbol of evil which we give them presents hence, they will not bother the us in practicing the four restrictions. The evening will be full of celebration before we enter the peaceful day. No transportation will be allowed, even the Airport is closed from 6 AM and will be open at 6 AM in the next day.

I am going to post few images of Ogoh-ogoh, but give me sometimes to process the images from my D70. A silence day, once in a year. Bringing a peaceful silent day. And yes, again, I can see the stars at night. Enjoy the meaningful moment, even greater with the whole family member.

See you…



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