Bali Street Foods


It’s been so long… Finally, I get back and post something after all these months. Well, now I’d like to share my Bali favourite street foods and the reason why I like it.

As many people know, price is one out of many reasons why people choosing street foods; in the other side, tasting local food never be wrong. You will know their culture from foods. I have heard once, “I don’t speak the language but the language of foods speak to me”.

Let’s start!!

Be ready please!! 🙂 I will share few images I took with its details.


Tipat Plecing – Steam water cress mixed with type of rice dumpling and spicy sauce

I am not a fan of spicy food; however, it is an exception.  The spicy sauce make me want more and more. Let’s move to the next…


Tipat Cantok – Type of rice dumpling mixed with veggies and peanut sauce

Then, Tipat Cantok… Another street foods that commonly found in Bali. Consists of mixed of Tipat – type of rice dumpling and veggies as well as the peanut sauce. You can add chilli should you wish to have spicy. I prefer, without chilli.


Rujak Poh – Indonesian Mango Salad

Rujak Poh, Poh is mango in English. This food is kind of Indonesian salad that mixed with sauce (sugar, salt and some chillies if you want to). Various fruits can be made as rujak, but for me rujak poh is best. The sweet and sour and hot (from chilli) can be described in my mouth. :p

Ice Daluman

Ice Daluman

What will I have to reduce the heat from those spices? A glass of Ice Daluman. Daluman is the name of the leaves that is used to make kind of jelly by squeezing the leaves until it forms jelly. Once it is mixed with coconut milk and brown sugar then put some ice cubes; it’s refreshing!

Would you mind to try?



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