Another Local…

What were you do on Sunday?

For me, Sunday as usual is a “ME Day” and yesterday was “Food Hunt Day”. I got nothing for my breakfast; but definitely had abundance for my lunch. I treat myself with good food to have a good mood. It’s been starting from a local food in Pesinggahan Village (Klungkung), about 40 km to the east from Denpasar on the left side. There are two well-known places for its menu, but the one I visited is located by the street to Karangasem; while the other one should be reached by passing a smaller street to the left to Pesinggahan Village.

The Warung

The Warung

These warung, known for its fish specialty in traditional seasoning. A set menu consists of steam rice, fish ball soup, satay, fried peanut, green bean and sambal matah mixed of raw Balinese shallots, red chillies and virgin coconut oil (I will be delighted to share the recipe of sambal matah on my version in another post).


Satay, Seasoned Steamed Fish, Green Bean

The warung is always full of visitors, from locals to foreigners. Better avoid lunch time as it will be the busiest time ever. Long queue will make you feel distressed and physically suffered. LOL… Okay, let’s talk about the taste… For you, who would like to experience local foods; this menu is highly recommended.


A set of big lunch

I felt so happy. Around 80 km (return) for this kind of food felt nothing. A complete big lunch for a bright sunny day.
Anybody? I can show you the way; even I can be your tour guide, just adjust the compensation. LOL…


The Cashier is always ready

Here is other images I took while waiting for my bill. Ah,… almost forgot, a set of the above lunch only cost IDR 22’000 includes a glass of Hot Orange. Cheap?? Yes, it is;  for such a tasteful food.


The layout with its customers enjoying their food

That’s my Sunday.

I was feeling so tired after the long lunch trip; hence it’s ended at the beach for a sun bathe.



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