Need a Break…

Hi Travelers…

Ugh,… I am feeling guilty; it’s been sometimes I don’t write anything. Yes, I am missing my time to share everything I saw and feel; but recently, I got hospitalised and need a really long time to recover. Honestly, I don’t want to share what was happened to me but I would like to share “how I feel without my gadget”.

It’s quiet sometimes I never touch my camera and then today; I sew few pictures snapped by my friends. Suddenly, I remember my bag where I store my camera. Then, I move my cursor to open the Nikon site to see the new launched product. Wow, I think I need a break; I need a new toy; and I need my bag ready,snapping some interaction that we would like to keep. I have an old camera, but it worth to use. It’s been accompanying me several years all around my way.

There are several info I would like to share; I am working on it and can’t hardly wait to share it with you.

Snap snap snap… See ya…




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