Pupuan: Village Tour

I was searching some pictures I have taken few weeks ago then I found some pictures left, untouched.

It was taken in March 2013 (this year) during my village tour to Pupuan (around 60 km to the west from Denpasar).

This area are remained untouched. Only few Westerners (especially Hollanders) visiting this quiet beautiful villages. You will see so many rice paddy fields on the way to Pupuan; while there are few left in Denpasar or Kuta area. The people still genuine; no money oriented. It’s rarely found in big cities even in Denpasar or Kuta. 


These days people know there are Munduk and Git Git Waterfall (West Bali); but not many people yet know there are still others waterfall can be found. Two of them are Sade Waterfall and Benben Waterfall in Belimbing Village. Should you visit these places one day, please take your hat and clothes to change as I bet you will really want to feel the cool fresh water.


For accommodation wise, there are several cottages available or you may ask your tour guide or tour agent to help you to stay with locals for different experience. Nothing to lose to stay with locals as you will see their daily activities; the way of life and how they see life. 

Close to these places (waterfall and rice paddy fields) there is a temple called Mekori Temple. Many Balinese Hindu will stop here to pray. A little secret, you will find a bunch of monkeys. Take some bananas with you if you want to. 🙂 And by the way, I was there during Durian Season.


Well, I’d love to comeback. A revisit will be scheduled, let me know if anybody are interested to.



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