Bali Street Foods (Another Hawker Foods)

Few weeks back I have my freedom after resigning from my job. Not an easy step I took, but it is for my own good. Then, I have enough times to enjoy my days; strolling down the street, tasting few new street foods that I am going to share.

20131216-104514 pm.jpg

Nasi Uduk

This food truck is located in Jalan Teuku Umar Barat, Denpasar in front of a shop (left side from Denpasar, after traffic light). Taste is so good, clean, big portion (I am used to have the leftover) in reasonable price. I am used to spend IDR 43,000 for two portions of nasi uduk, 2 glasses of tea and 1 portion of pisang goreng keju (fried banana with cheese).
Cheap, don’t you think?

20131216-105220 pm.jpg

Lontong Cap Go Meh

Then, it is Lontong Cap Go Meh. The food is used to be served during special occasion, but nowadays it can be found easily and became famous as one of hawker foods selections.
I have just tasted it for my dinner. As I got bored with Nasi (rice) and potato, I decided to try this menu and then, yummy… It’s GOOD! Perfect for rainy day.
Prepare IDR 8,000 and you will get it!
Another option is Nasi Gudeg (famous as Yogyakarta and Central Java’s local food).

I am used to get Gudeg, except tonight. Should you wish to have these two at once, prepare another IDR 10,000 for nasi gudeg.

20131216-110042 pm.jpg

Price List

By the way, it is located in Jalan Imam Bonjol, just beside Carrefour. The place a bit hidden, but almost everybody knows the place. Just asked “Nasi Gudeg Danu Kusuman”.

20131216-111741 pm.jpg
What is the option for drinks? My favourite are Wedang Ronde and Gula Asem Hangat.

20131216-111922 pm.jpg

Ayam Pedas

What else?
For spicy foods lover (oh, really not me but I don’t mind to try), this would be an option. Nasi Bebek Bu Rima in Jalan Raya Tuban. They open from 4pm but it won’t be last ’till midnight.
They serve Bebek (duck), Ayam (chicken), Lele (eel), Tahu and Tempe. Spicy sambal will make you asking for more.
Price? Well, it is still reasonable.
Remember, the queue will stay longer than you expect.


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