Bali: Being Locals

I’d like to share another experience of being local in Bali by using local public transportation. As Balinese, I never been traveling using local transportation before. Why? First, because I prefer private car which is more comfortable and second, because I was afraid. But, when I tried it was not as creepy as I thought. 😀 However, before you decided, would be wised to read several references as it may surprised you!  Hey really, I mean it! 😉

Ubung Bus Station – biggest station in Bali

Well, big organised cities have their great clean public transportation, name one in South East Asia; Singapore. It has a friendly public transportation from train (MRT), buses and taxi. What about in other cities? They also have public transportation, however many issues need to be resolved, still. Now, I am going to share my Bali travel experience in Public transportation from Denpasar to Pupuan (one sub-urban area in Tabanan Regency). I took the bus from “Terminal Ubung” – Ubung Bus Station. The bus was quiet good for its condition.

The engine was started and the bus moved forward, passing one village to other villages. So, what is the interesting part? We meet many different people; say, characters, occupations, etc. They discussed difference topics. Sometimes, if we got lucky, we can meet a new local friend. We’ll never know. On the way to Pupuan, we passed some beautiful views, since there’re many people that still working on the rice fields as their main occupation. They worked traditionally although in some parts there ‘re a touch of modernities.

Rice Field

Rice Field, photo taken by iPhone

This season will be the right time to visit this area because farmers just started their works at the fields. We will see green along the way. Nowadays, as tourism has been developed not only in Kuta, Nusa Dua and Ubud but has spread far north to many smaller virgin villages. Who are the visitor? Netherlanders are the majority. Tracking field has been provided properly and in additional there’s few attraction to see along the way; farmers planting the rice, water fall, locals on daily activities.

Return to the public transportation, it cost between IDR 25,000 – IDR 30,000 (one way, until Pupuan) and can be higher during peak season (Holiday and Balinese Hindu’s Special Days). A bit higher than before though, but whatever it is the cost is worth to pay as the petrol was increased.
Despite any lack of service and anything, public transportation still be needing by locals.
Yes, nowadays most of the people using their private car or motor, however for the elders; public transportation still their choice.



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