Living the Fantasy

Hello World,…

What a good day I have when finally I can make it. Sitting and let my fingers dancing over my keyboard to share everything that have been kept on my head. Yes, my blog – this BLOG, has been hacked but trust me, I am fine. I am just disappointed since a blog for is not just a blog, but it is everything I have. This is part of my life. If I may say, a blog for me is the other side of my life. The way I talked and memorised something that interest me or even something that precious for me. That’s why, when it happened; there are no words to say! Further, I rarely talk to people or friends about what I have thought, I simply choose to write it instead and it includes my daily routines.

I believe, for you bloggers, when you lost your only journal and the most important things; you lost your thought that has been shared on the journal; it feels like something punched and stabbed you right in your heart. A death sentence, perhaps?

Well anyway,… I am going to start my new post 🙂

It's a BLOG; Living your Fantasy

It’s a BLOG; Living your Fantasy



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