Yarns, Needle and Stitches

Hello World,… As previously said, I am working on my journal and will post it soonest!

I wrote this couple months ago when I decided to take long rest to fully recover. Yes, I was diagnosed having Hemolytic Anemia – a condition where red blood cells are destroyed and removed from the bloodstream before their normal lifespan is over or simply known as an abnormal breakdown of redblood cells.I am being medicated and probably it is a long term medication. Desperate? Owh well, I was devastated! But, it does not mean I will stop writing and traveling. Definitely NO!

Anyway, I have been telling you all of my hobbies, traveling, photography and writing. But, I have another hobby that I am used to do in between. I bet you too.
Guess what?? I believe this image will give a peek or well you may guess it from the title, instead? LOL


Gril’s Crocheting

Yey,… Crochet and Knitting. Well, mostly crocheting since I do not really understand how to knit and I am not even an expert in crochet either. I started crocheting when I was 6 or 7 y.o. I used to see my mom making many different patterns of hats, shawls, table covers and some other crochet crafts. It was interesting and I was trying to make my first thing done, it was a baby hat. Strugling to finish the hat and it impressed me, just simply because it was done. (Yey,… victory)

Then, as I grew older, I started to work another projects. A shawl, a hat (baby hat, beret, table cloth, etc). I was not able to make many different patterns, I cannot even read a pattern from the tutorial book I bought few years ago. I have tried very hard to understand how to read a pattern from pattern books as I am dying to be able to create different styles and patterns. But, there I am… It is so much easier for me to see the real object to understand the pattern instead.

I am proudly show you the latest works I have done, well just a simple creation.
Just prepare a crochet needle (I am used to work with tulip needle no 1-2, you may find many different needle sizes depends on your need and purpose), big ball of yarn (I am used to work with wool and cotton yarn), a scissor to cut, a measurement to measure the lenght.

A Green Crochet Shawl

A Green Crochet Shawl

There are so many things I would like to make. Amigurumi (character shapped crochet) is one of it. I envy those people who are doing a magnificent work in crochetting and knitting. Oooohhh,… really really envy. I wish I was taking a formal crochetting course; I think it would be easier by now. :p Since I learned my self to crochet, there are several free online tutorial I am used to use which I feel glad to share in case there are some of you are interested to try this granny work.
Here you go, some advices and references from the EXPERTS.

1. Crochet Me
Provides many free tutorial of pattern to learn, from hats, berets, shawls, and many crochet accesories.
It also sell tutorial books and e-books in friendly prices. I have my own free tutorial that I downloaded couple of years a go. They also has a forum where the members can exchange their works and creation, discussion, etc. Most interesting is, it has their Facebook Fan Page.

2. Red Heart
Well, I have just found this site from crochet and knit forum. They talked about this a lot. Good for beginner as they provide many simple patterns. The most interesting is, they provide some free pattern on pdf form.

3. Ravelry
World knitting community. They are used to share and support each members in technique, patterns, etc.

Beyond, there are several personal blogs written by Crocheters which also provide free patterns and tutorials. I will compile and share it on other post. And here we go, couple of my finished projects.

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Two Colours Triangle Shawl

Two Colours Triangle Shawl

Granny Square Rug (was on the making)

Granny Square Rug (was on the making)

Girl Summer Hat

Girl Summer Hat

Then, how would you like to spend your day off?
Interested in learning to crochet?
Let’s the fun begin! 🙂



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