Weekender Movie Lists

Holla World,…
This is weekend baby! What are you going to do? This summer, thousand miles away from home? Not a good issue, but here I am, sitting and talking to my old beloved friend over viber. Because, it’s not cool to be miserably alone in summer time. Oh well, good morning?! Perhaps it is too early to start a weekend. LOL! I’ll go sleeping afterward.

Well, while waiting for the breakfast ready, I’d love to sort out of some old movies (ah, not too old for me) to accompany my weekend. What’s would I have for today?

Must Love DOGS (2005)

A forty-something preschool teacher looks to the personals for a change of pace and a relationship, with hilarious results…

Must Love Dogs movie poster (2005)

Must Love Dogs movie poster (2005)

Back to my teens, it was very boring to watch this kind of movie. A drama that told about a pre-school teacher who got divorced and tried to make up her life by accepting a match making request she joined. She dated his dad then another guy and more guy until he met Jake (John Cusack) then they eventually in love.

Then, why do I want to watch this movie now? It’s just simply I want it. Hahaha… No, it’s because I watched it before in HBO and to my age, it is an interesting story line. Not to mention the actors and actresses were not good, as they were good!

The Sound of Music (1965)
A woman leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a Naval officer widower…

The Sound of Music movie poster (1965)

The Sound of Music movie poster (1965)

I watched it years ago when I was junior school student. Now, I don’t really remember the whole story but I still remember two songs entitled “Do – Re – Mi” and “The Sound of Music” it selves. Why do I remember this old movie? Accidentally I remember this movie when I read some posts that mentioned The Sound of Music were being played in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. I smiled then I tried to find the DVD, hard but gratefully I owned it. Hahaha… Ah, you don’t want to know what I did to get it. It costly to my credit card as I just bought some stuffs. Ya ya,.. I will pay it later on. Next month?

Beside, the background was Austria (Salzburg) where Mozart was born? Beautiful songs and story-line. Never been bored to watch.

An American science fiction action film based on Transformers toy line.

I was not really interested to this movie since I watched the old animation series (it was terribly uninterested), but since the movies were made in high effect, I am deeply in-love. Eventually, I was spending an hour to queue in Universal Studio Singapore in 2010 just to ride the 4D roller coaster. Well, it was the launched day, no wander the queue was long.

Bumblebee of Transformers movie

Bumblebee of Transformers movie

The end of this June, the latest movie is being played around the globe. Unfortunately, I have not get a chance to watch it, yet. Tickets were sold-out. Desperately want to watch it, even the review is not that good.

Well, those will be enough for this Saturday. Let’s start with “Must Love Dogs” and a bowl of shredded corn topped with cheese.



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