When a Good Bye Took EVERYTHING

Hi, been awhile…

Not because I did not have anything to share as I did have abundance of things need to be shared. It just my brain. I kinda got a brain freezer attack. LOL.. What was that? Anyway,… Yes, I have abundance of things on my sleeve but let me share one to another.


I have been rejoicing my self as I have to. I need to get my pieces back before I can step forward and leaving everything behind. Why? It simply because I just lost my best buddy. I lost the person who did not mind when I bugged him days and nights, day by day. The person who always there, lifted me up when I hit the bottom. Geez, it so bloody hurt. I feel my heart was stabbed and cut into pieces, my bones just broke into ashes and I got nothing just to lift my fingers. I feel my heart seats upon frozen hills.

I have stopped shedding my tears. But, I am talking randomly; acting randomly, and swearing un-purposed. If just crying will take my pain away, I really do not mind to do so. I can still remember how good he was to me and to everybody else. He was our best partner and my partner in crime everytime we did our business travel. He never bother to hear me yelling about un-important details and still pleased to give hand to fix it.

Took me few days before I able to write it down. Need a great courage to crash every little black shadows. Now I am ready to let him go,… ah my bad, WE are ready to let him go. I appreciate everything he had done. I believe, Thank you will not be enough. You are our best friend. And God, please give us sometimes to grief. Time will heal every wounds as You say.


This time, God’s own hand be holding you and our prayers are with you.

Thank you…


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