Flea Market and the Advantage of Vintage?

Hello Travellers,

Uhm well, wondering about the tittle for awhile but then I decided to leave it as it is. But before we go, we need to agree in some points; first, I am going to share Pasar Kodok – one of Bali’s biggest flea market that is located in Tabanan Regency about 40 minutes from Denpasar; second, we need to fully agree that Tabanan is worth a visit in the meaning of tourist attractions, Tanah Lot Temple with its holy snake and sunset for instance.


Taken with Blackberry Torch

Then, what if a visit to the major tourist attractions combines with a special market visit? A visit to a very local market but it is not local at all. Well, it definitely will be a different story. Pasar Kodok derives from two words, Pasar that literally means market and Kodok literally means frog. Many people simply translate Pasar Kodok into Frog Market due to the literal meaning which actually has a specific historical background behind its unique name.


Taken with Blackberry Torch

Back to in 1998 or so, Pasar Kodok where frogs fought for their live started its existence which then the market became a hive of cast off clothing kiosks, selling everything from lacey bustiers to high-quality leather jackets. And yes, with the cost of living skyrocketing maintaining the life of fashionista  with individual flair calls for some lateral thinking. This is where second hand clothing, re-branded as “vintage” comes in; second hand clothes come at vintage prices, jeans cost a bit less than they did 20 years ago, unworn swimming costumes another instance can be picked up from IDR 35’000 and kids clothes start from IDR 25’000. 

Taken with Blackberry Torch

Taken with Blackberry Torch

Pleased to get lower? Do bargaining! This is the very traditional custom art in a way you try to dip your feet into the market. While there are mountains of wearable clothes on sale, finding true vintage wear is kinda finding a needle in a haystack. I have been there for two or three times now. Struggling in between those little and big stuffs have made me dehydrated. So, plan you trip nicely. Bring a bottle or so of water to keep you hydrate. 

Talking of fashionista  and everything related to these, there are many foreigners start popping in to get these vintage clothes. Say, I met few Russian ladies walking around while keeping their eyes on and off of bags of hanged here and there. They picked two plastic bags full of clothing after a fight. And me? I got genuine leather belt which I was trying hard to get it in reasonable price. VICTORY!!

So, do you interested?



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