A Valentine’s Day Culture

Hello world,

It’s 2 days after Valentine’s day (I know), since I am not sort of person that celebrating this day in a certain way as I am not really into it (however, this year I accidentally did a dinner at one of pocket-friendly Japanese restaurant in Orchard Road with my best friend). Been years since my last Valentine’s day celebration with some broken hearted friends. LOL…

Last year, I post a song by The Beatles that inspired me most especially after my brother shown me the video. It has left a really deep meaning in my life. Where my life was at chaos, my suffering soul need some helps as I hit the bottom rock. I was struggling to reach the surface to allow me breathing freely after all.

Then today, my friend shown me a short movie (a Thai movie) and it broke my heart as I watched it.

The lesson I got, we need to appreciate (more) on everything we have had because every little things we may have or we may do could effect the entire universe (or at least our world). Be grateful! Further, please watch this short movie and you may get a glimpse that inspire you.

I get to back to work, I will share more (on valentine’s day culture, history and tradition) after. ^^



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