My Journey to the East: part I

Helloooooooo,… Been lost for awhile, packed with office and works related and lazy kinda mood was turned on. #LOL Anyway, today I’ve got my mood back and planned to write several pending item on my list. Well, let’s see. Have I told you that I visited an island in South Sulawesi in November last year? Yep, I got a great wonderful chance to visit this island (thanks to my job that I allow me to travel and get paid, what a dream life. Hahaha…). And,… am going to share more details of my trip. I flew in the end of November for a week. It took an hour and half to reach Makassar from Bali. Then, need an over night in Makassar (Ujung Pandang) to take a morning flight to the island, which currently only available 3 times a week and operated by Wings Air; but ferry and boat is available daily and it takes 5 hours to reach the island. Well, it’s true that it gives you options to choose; being an adventure or travel in style; well, you saw what I’ve chosen – travel in style. I arrived in Makassar around 7 in the evening and stayed at Ibis Budget Hotel Makassar for IDR 450’000 per night (no breakfast), but if your arrived between 6 am – 6 pm you will get a special rate, just half the rate (no online reservation for this rate) since they focussed on walking-guests. I did not take breakfast at the hotel, there are plenty at the airport with better taste and price. A comfy room for single occupancy, nice bed and a view in the day light. I did an early check-out, needed to catch a morning flight at 9 am. All were in the rush but have had a good breakfast near waiting room.

My room at Ibis Budget Hotel

My room at Ibis Budget Hotel

It took half an hour from Makassar to the island. Smooth flight. Thanks God. What amazed me was the fact that the H. Aroeppala airport in Selayar Island was beyond imagination. I never thought that I would be landed in such a tiny airport.

Arrived at H. Aroeppala Airport - Selayar

Arrived at H. Aroeppala Airport – Selayar

Everything still manually done, oh yes, improvements will take times and surely they will have an appropriate facility in the near future. (Just a lil tips for you, take your luggage with you to cabin. It’s way safer and easier)

Luggage claim manually done

Luggage claim manually done

Aside to this fact, the island is so damn beautiful. Yes, it is  far from modernity as I am used to see at big cities or town where I live. However, the beauty, those genuine people who live side by side in harmony tell another story. People communicate directly from one to another, quite different with us – city people. We communicate mostly through our gadget and sometimes it drives us crazy when we have no internet connection, oh well, if you don’t think so – at least it’s what I feel sometimes.

Preparation to Tinabo Island

Preparation to Tinabo Island

From the main island – Selayar, we drove about an hour to the nearest port to Takabonerate National Park, with some help from the ranger, we able to ride to the island thru one of their boats. It took about 5 hours to reach Tinabo island – where we spent the nights. A long tiring ride marvellously paid once I arrived at Tinabo island. It was dark, but the beauty couldn’t be cast-off. Fine white sand as I step my feet on. Speechless. A welcome dinner was prepared. I saw my favourite menu, grilled fish which made me had no hesitation to grab a plate and put  grilled fish into it. Yummy, fresh from the sea. I could smell it. Grilled fish served with spicy sambal that I skipped (as you know, I am Balinese but I don’t like spicy food even though I eat it sometimes (and struggling), still I will skip as far as I can).

A welcome dinner - fish and fish and fish

A welcome dinner – fish and fish and fish (there were some being prepared when it’s served)

Tinabo island is one small island among hundred islands within the Takabonerate National Park. You can walk from end to end in half an hour due to its small size. By dawn, we can see baby sharks swim in front of the cottage, I feed them with fresh fish though. Planned to swim but I left my swim-suit home so, no chance to do so… xox to be continued…


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