Searching for LOVE

Hello May,

I know I have several pending lists I’ve promised to be posted (immediately, but it seems has been “awhile”?). Anyway, I will. I will post my pending lists. I have several things to share includes my trip to Selayar Island. Next post, am going to finish the subject so I can move on other subjects. By the way, since I think I am in love to “someone” and I have this song as my company for the last two days, I’d like to share it to you.


But first, before I go through I’d like to share the profile of the band who sang the song. Atis and the Tradewind (ATW) is a community of musicians participating in playing music lead by Atis (Andy Eric Manuhutu) as the Songwriter, Music arranger and Composer (details available on their site). I personally have a long story with these great people, I accidentally have met them since the manager of the band is a friend of my former boss. He gave one copy of CD to my current boss and were told to contact the manager regarding the song he and Atis wrote.

The song is about love (surely); love that happened to be about Bali and love of two people meet in Bali because of God’s grace. Well, simply I say: I’m falling in love to the song ever since (they have made a temporary clip of the song which you can find here, Please Come to Bali). Then, after many calls and emails in and out, finally I met them (geez, met them at my office). Media was invited as they also met our chairman for an interview and discussing about the MOU for us to use the song freely to promote Bali as world tourists destination. From that day on, the song has traveled the world to be played on our promotional events in Berlin, London, Australia and recently in Shanghai.

The funny thing is (keep it secret, ok. I never told this to the person), I thought Mr. Manager that I have been contacted for few weeks was as old as my former boss. Oh come on, just to be true, who will think that Mr. Manager is way younger than my former boss considering he is a friend of a 60’s years old man??? Will you?? Anyway, a great surprised on the day I met them; Mr. Manager and Atis (crap, really… I thought they are older?! Felt guilty though. LOL). Discussion and media interview were done, I am impressed as well as admired them. I mean, they do such a great thing you know. Composing, creating such a beautiful song about Bali and we can use it for free in any promotional events we attend. They are great men.

Long story short, finally they launched their first album in Sanur – Bali, a month ago. And,… to spread the song world wide (even more) they started pushing the online media tools. Here, I am listening to their songs while writing this post with a wide smile on my face, remembering all the early meetings with them as well as silly thought I have had before I met them in person. Geez, would I dare to tell Mr. Manager that I thought he was older, around 60?? Let’s keep it this way.

Here is my fave song that successfully cheers me up on my low self-control I’ve had recently. Perhaps, it things to do with PMS syndrome. (Hey, am a woman, don’t you forget that!).

Searching for Love

So enjoy the songs, and please share your thought too and would be great should you subscribe to their Youtube channel. I will highly appreciate your help.

*Just a quick note, there’s nothing to do with me searching for my love. ;p



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