If I have another… 

Yellow travelers…
Just arrived home from E-Marketing training with experts from The Netherlands. Got loads of ideas to develop our site and online marketing strategies to enhance our selling and ofcourse bringing new clients aside to our repeater clients to use our services in managing or organising events, especially in Bali. Ah, just to let you know that I am helping my partner  in some events in between my times in Bali. 

Café Soya ~ Hot Ocha


After the training, I treated my self for a good dinner; tasting a new Japanese restaurant in Sanur area. My first impression, the restaurant has a comfy setting, the outdoor quite nice to chill while the indoor seats seem very nice with some Japanese pictures hung in here and there to add Japanese ambiance.

Soya Japanese Restaurant – Outdoor Seat

I was alone and managed to survive my weeks without my partners in crime. LOL. I’ve been missing to do my survival trip, so when it happened I feel so bloody happy. You know, I get my self-confidence again.  

Soya Japanese Restaurant ~ out door seat

Back to the current topic, a new restaurant in Sanur. I rode my bike to Sanur and managed to park right across the street. Walked to the Japanese restaurant to scan the big menu at the front before choosing anything. The waitress then came and handed me a menu selections for me to choose. I asked for recommendations, but since I am not into that kind of favourite I chosen to sitdown, took another time to look at the menu. I came up with idea to order bento set. Ordered Hot Japanese green tea (ocha) for IDR 20K++ and Shoya Bento for IDR 120++ that came with: beef yakiniku, fried prawn (tempura), raw fish (sashimi), omellete, steamed rice, miso soup, pickle and dessert (you can choose the dessert from dessert menu, this time I had tempura red bean ice cream).  

Hot Ocha (hot green tea) on pot


Soya Japanese Restaurant – table set up

I took some pictures while waiting for my food to come. In few minutes my hot ocha (on pot) arrived, I took my chance to pour the hot ocha onto my glass and sip it. God,… Tea is always good to get the nerve cool down and Sanur remain my favourite place in the city. Calm and slow, well I compared it to Kuta, though. Then, arrived my food. Taste??? From the pictures, what will you think??


Shoya Bento Set

Soup was good, salad was ok, pickle was nothing I like, beef teriyaki was good but I thought the beef overcooked, an oily tempura (I couldn’t finish my tempura, it’s too oily), sashimi was awful (I thought the raw tuna was not fresh, well I know the fresh fish tastes better than the one I have). When my dessert came, it was beyond my imagination. I like the idea of tempura ice cream but if only it has good presentation and compotition. Uhm, I can give 7 for presetation in scale 1-10 but 4 for compotition. I have had a better tempura ice cream in another restaurant so, it failed to impress me.  

Ogura (red bean) Tempura Ice Cream


Ogura (red bean) Tempura Ice Cream

 Overall, I give 7 because of the attentive waiter and waitress. They have a good service. Will I return? If I have another option and chance, then I will go to another option or simply go to Japanese restaurant I am used to go to. Should you wish to try, just pop in to Soya Café. They open for lunch and dinner. 

Soya Japanese Restaurant

Jalan Danau Tamblingan No 47, Sanur – Bali

Open daily from 11 am-11 pm

* photo taken with iPhone 5, no filter


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