Where to eat? Try Bali Buda Sanur

Last Saturday, I was wondering around with my girl friend. We wanted to fix pur nails and have a good body massage but unfortunately the spa we’re used to come were fully booked. Felt a little disappointed, we decided to have lunch in Sanur and Bali Buda was the one we had chosen to.   

We were thinking of a healthy lunch after we spoiled our tummy with unhealthy foods for the whole month. Geez, we do love good foods and fancy places (no no, don’t get it wrong we’re not that fancy and we do it once in awhile). 

She had a portion of Eggplant Almond Enchiladas that consists of eggplant & sprouted almonds in corn tortillas topped with black bean salsa & a side of salad for IDR 50K (before tax and service). That was good even it was not my fave food. Should you are looking for a wheat and gluten free, you may try this.   

While I had my Spinach & Rice Gnocchi in a light cream sauce for IDR 43K (before tax & service). Well, for me the sauce was not that light, it was creamy and OK. Ha ha ha… For beverage I had my fave beet juice (beetroot & carrots with celery at IDR 29K), while my girl had the detox juice.   

They have a very unique menu book where you can find a lot of useful information for dailies. Bali Buda is available in Ubud, Bukit, Sanur, Munggu and Kerobokan. 



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