The Proposal


Thinking of wedding and marriage lately makes me re-opening the old files on my YouTube account of marriage proposal. Well,… I was so sure that I choose to be single and happy but talking to you, it changed my mind. Yes true, I never know if you’d like to settle down, but it does not have to be you I married to even the fact that I fell for you. We do have our own problems, we do not communicate the way most couples do and yet I found it hard to really have a good time talking to you. Communication is all matter. Anyway, I am not in the post to insist you to make up your mind to choose me or anything. I am just found these videos are beautiful. Some make my eyes wet and some make me simply smile.

For you guys out there, may be it gives you an insight?? Never know!

First time watched it on MOBBED and it’s absolutely EPIC.

It’s an All of Me kind of thing and just watch… 

Love throws us fairytales… 



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