Typical Indonesia #2


Happy Val’s Day… Sorry, did not remember about the Val’s Day things as it is not so me. #LOL The truth was my other half been away that’s the reason why we did not have anything this year. Our first Val’s together and we’re away for work. But, no worry… We have had ours in our own way though. 

By the way,… Do you remember of Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge) that commonly consume for breakfast in some parts of Indonesia? Now, I have Lontong Sayur. Lontong is a slow cooked rice covered in banana leaves; while Sayur means vegetables. So Lontong Sayur simply translated into slow cooked rice in banana leaves with veggies 😀

This Lontong Sayur mixes with veggies, tempe, hard boiled egg and chicken (hey, I had mine with chicken thigh) in coconut milk soup. Then, how does it taste???? Yummy, nom nom… A heavy breaky for me though but nom nom.  

A bowl of Lontong Sayur to start my morning


There are many places (warung and Indonesian restaurants) serve this kind of cuisine but the one I had, I got it from warung close to my fiancé’s office, Warung Bubur Ayam Pak Lik in Renon (across the Badjra Sandhi monument). Pay IDR 14K for the Lontong Sayur and extra IDR 4K for hot tea (there are other beverages to choose too). 

Selamat Makan – Bon appetite




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