My Life My Travel #1


How are you? Been having an amazing days as I travelled for the first time to Melbourne. My first travel to Melbourne for a MICE show at once as my holiday after couple of years. Not a holiday in lux buy I have to be grateful for the chance I have had. Thank you Lord and thank you my ancestors.

Alright, I am staying in Crowne Plaza Melbourne by IHG (my privilege for attending the show) for the next 2 nights then I have to move my ass out to a cheaper and affordable hotel for good. I have a very limited budget after the show and I have to get my daughters, my nieces and nephews something. Fiuuhh,… By the way, today is my younger daughter’s birthday; just text her to wish her and I am missing her so bloody much. I got her and the sister and my nieces a hand-made bracelet when I visited Korea booth. Practiced to make it too though. 

Maedeup (Korean Knotting) – a traditional Korean handycraft


Enough for the gift, I am amazed of the food portion here. I ordered small one but still I need to share it with other. Big bites. Relatively expensive (I am comparing prices to Bali), I paid AUD 10.90 for a small portion of Malaysian Sweet and Spicy Pork. And again their small portion is my very big portion. I know, when I was in Germany the food portion also big but again maybe I am used to my current portion. LOL… 

My big dinner


Then move to places near my hotel. Plenty of places here for dinner or hanging out but have not tried any yet. The hotel it self right beside the Yarra River, just walk down the street along the riverside to see plenty of options of cafes, restaurants and else. 

Seaferers Bridge of Yarra River near the Convention Centre

Hmm,… It’s midnight already. Will share another tomorrow then…

To be continued…

*P.S: Please wish my daughter – Jovanna a happy birthday. 

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Thanks a million.



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