My Life My Travel #2: Wandering Melbourne 


I am still here in Melbourne. Finished my work and just extended my stay at the hotel because I don’t want to wandering around with bags of things from the show. Expensive (for me) but the food court is just across the street, tram station right in front of the hotel so what else do I need????

My first day wandering around was started in Collins St. Took a free tram (circle line is free, so long you’re traveling in city) from Batman Park (stop 124) to Collins St. – about 2 stops. Got down and walk down the street didn’t know what to do.   

Drag down my foot Flinders Street and I found thw famous Flinders Street Station with its marvellous architecture style. 

Flinders Street Station

I kept my feet moving, just stopped in a little sushi hut and bought a package of salmon avocado maki (again its a big bite). Enough to feed my little happy tummy with a bottle of Neatea Lemon flavour. I keep windering how do they take those big bites at once???? Ya ya, I know food in Germany also extremely super in size but never ate sushi in that size either. 😀 Anyway, my tummy was happy and that’s wonderful. 

Then, I checkes my phone if anything I can find around and guess what?! I found a sort of Opal learning centre. There I go. I learnt something new, the white opal, black opal and false opal. Perfect!!!! You should go there if you are interested in natural stones.  

Rough Opal

My feet then walked again further from the Opal, I needed to go back to hotel. I felt tired and sleepy though but the Immigration Museum distracted me, so then I went inside to check the admission. AUD 14 for adults and free for concessions but the ground floor is free to access. I didn’t but the ticket; I went out and stop at Sealife Melbourne. Paid for AUD 40.50, I saw so many sea creatures from small fish to sharks and crocodile and many more. There is also Penguin!


Penguin in Sealife Melbourne

The attraction closed by a 4D movie of Ice Age, funny yet entertaining. You may purchased your photos at AUD 49.00 foe whole album or take the AUD 25.00 (without album, I took this one).

To be continued…



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