Typical Indonesia #3: Gado-Gado

Yellow travelers,…

Nice to be back home after away from the light of my life, my funny loving husband. Missing him so bloody much; wishing he was traveling with so then we could walk down the road without worrying of getting lost. We’re used to get lost somewhere in new places though and we do enjoy our experiences. He is such a wonderful husband. I am blessed of having him in my life. Oops,… I am sorry, never meant to share our love stories. 😀

Back to our topic, another common option for breakfast; Gado-gado. It consists of soft boiled mix veggies, tempeh, tofu,  potato and slices hard boiled egg. Put peanut sauce on top of it, accompanied by rice crackers or other crackers. 

Gado-Gado served in Bali Bakery Cafe & Resto


To complete the gado-gado you may add fried shallots to give extra taste. Gado-gado commonly found all across Indonesia. You may have it anytime but in areas, this is an option for breakfast. Relatively cheap (IDR 5K -12K) when we order this food in warung but rather pricey when we have it a café or restaurant; for instance my gado-gado from Bali Bakery, it coat me IDR 48K++ per portion. Yes, different service and presentation but taste is generally the same. 

See you again in another post.



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