Typical Indonesia #4: Kerak Telor


How are you doing? Me? Kinda bored, just got a boredom attack. Fiuuhhh… Life is rather hard lately, I could not catch up some that left me feel so useless. 😦 Yeah, things will not always come the way we want to. I just need extra efforts to make things better so I can get in shape. So, have you ever heard of Kerak Telor? Been dying to taste that Kerak Telor for ages until one fine Sunday, we woke up late so no Church (oops!) instead, we went to the park near our place to have breakfast. I want Bubur Ayam while the husband just follow my will. Then there we were in the park.  

Kerak Telor


It’s about 9 in the morning, some roads were blocked for a car free day which is held every Sunday from 06-11 in the morning. We parked our car behind and walked to the main street to reach the warung bubur. But things were so inviting, my first time and his first time too, we never know that there are so much we can see and buy and eat. We decided to do a little adventure around the area (read: food venture). We tasted this and that and bought my first hot wheels (oh God, after all these years… I am starting my new collection again ;p), oh well, he encouraged me though. After losing our breath to jump here and there, my eyes caught something that I have been dying to taste. Oh yes yes, that Kerak Telor I mentioned before.  

The man behind my first Kerak Telor


I came closer to see how it made and ordered one. Kerak Telor is known in the older days especially in Betawi (Jakarta). I have been told that during the old days, when people have rice leftover (the sticky part that attached to the bottom of the pan), they will cook it by adding eggs and palm sugar and shreded coconut. They will eat it while it is warmed accompanied by tea. It’s to appreciate the foods which might be hard to get during the old days and make it nothing to waste (well, I like the philosophy).  

Sunday Car Free Day


I flew back and forth to Jakarta and always want to taste but unfortunately never happen. It’s rather hard to find even in Jakarta itself. Some friends told me to visit Pekan Raya Jakarta but none of my schedule ever met it. There it was, the legendary Kerak Telor at IDR 15K with chicken eggs and IDR 18K for duck eggs. 

How does it taste? Funny!! You really need a lot of water to help ypu swallow the food. It’s nice, hmm… I don’t know the right way to describe it. If you are curious enough, please try it your self. Hehe…



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