Home Cooking #1: Rigatoni Carbonara

Yellow… How are you? I intedted to write my sweet escape, I have load of stocks to tell you but the thing is I am not in the mood to. Oops… I promise, I am going to share my sweet escape. Pinky swear!

By the way, cooking is another thing that I passionately doind in my spare time. I used to cook everyday, but things changing so… I only cook when I have my “me time” or sometimes if I need to cook for my nieces. Whoah,… I need not to share my dark days. 🙂

So, I cooked pasta carbonara for my diner. It’s not the best or equally to restaurant class but you know, I am proudly say that I am a chef in my home kitchen. Hahaha… 

What do I need to make it?


– Pasta, I used rigatoni this time

– salt and pepper to taste (I put a pinch of salt and pepper, it dependa on you)

– Garlic, onion, (you may add chilly if you like it spicy)

– olive oil (better taste when you use unsaltes butter, but I didn’t have it)

– 250 ml milk

– 1 tbs all purpose flour

– cheddar cheese (parmesan will give the best consistency, the creaminess from parmesan gives extra taste that I love)

That’s all! Sorry, I am no good in giving instruction. I will write the instruction by editing this post. 🙂



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