My Sweet Escape #4: Gilis

Yellow peeps, I was telling you that I am going to share my latest sweet escape but I never thought that I am going to share it now. Hahaha… I can’t sleep,… I am experiencing sleepless nights lately, perhaps I need another escape tho.

So, last month was an amzing month. Been dreaming to get my comeback to Gili Trawangan for a couple of years now, but times didn’t give me that chance until last month. I am telling you, early 2016 – mid of 2016 was not a good times for me. I had a very big dream and hope for the rest of my life, but things changed and destiny (if I may say) told me differently. Well, proudly I say that I get over it. It never meant to be in mu future tho. But you know, it’s kinda awesome that I got my self back when I was in Sydney, the least place that I thought would bring positivity into my life. No no, never under estimate things could bring you.

Ok, enough for the intro. I went to Gili Trawangan in order to accompany group of travel agents from Kenya. At first, I was afraid to ask if I can come along with my 3 other colleagues but I have the most amazing boss in the world. She let me! Oh my God, thank you so much!!!! It means the world for me. No no, I was not saying that I didn’t get enough holiday which was I had. Hehe…

Gili Air from our deck

Leaving Kuta to Padang Bay harbour to get our boat, we rode Ekajaya Fastboat that time. It fits for 90 pax or more. I was so scared that I will get burnt, a skin burnt never been good for me because it took ages to retrieve my skin into its normal state. But then, I found out that I got a sea sick if I stayed inside so I and Jelmer (my partner in crime, so I called) went out, up to the deck to enjoy the heat.

Captured: my travel companion, my partner-in-crime

The view was great. We felt the breeze but we had to deal with the sun, putting on the sun screen on and on. I told Jelmer that if we lucky enough we shall see dolphins on our way to the island… and yes, we were so bloody lucky! We saw dolphins jumping! Hahaha… I need to thank him for taking care of me on the way, when we were in the island, and back to Bali. But, that’s another story.

So, we finally reached the first stop, Lombok island. We were there for 15 minutes or so to embark the passenger before we continued our ride to Gili Meno then to Gili Air and last, Gili Trawangan. Oh, the boat will be leaving the harbour in Padang Bai at 09:00 in the morning. It takes 1.5 – 2 hrs ride to Gili Trawangan. The boat will stop in Lombok then Gili Meno and Gili Air bedore they continue their last destination Gili Trawangan.

Up on the deck. Music. Cold beers. What else do you wish for?

You have not any idea how much I missed this. I forgot (almost) how much fun fun was since everything was fallimg apart. But this trip reminded me, heartedly, the feeling of fun.

Gili Meno from our deck

There we were. Until next post.


To be continued into My Sweet Escape #5: Island Life


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