My Sweet Escape #5: Island Life

Yellow peeps, I did a pinky swear, didn’t I. I keep my promise to share my sweet escape. I am so sorry, there’re a lot of typos. I don’t mean it, but I believe you understand. Haha… Plus, I am typing on my mobile phone so… there I go.

From Gili Meno to Gili Trawangan

We rode the boat to Gili Trawangan. Remember that I hate a sunburnt? At this stage, my face was literally burnt so did Jelmer but bareley knew it. The ride was way too fun. After embarked in Gili Meno, there was the final island. John joined us on the deck at last. He’s kinda guy who will never stop complaining once he started and we were waiting for that because of the ride took longer than we expected. We didn’t know if we need to stop both in Gili Meno and Air. But after a long long and tirimg complain, we reached the island. Gili Trawangan, here we come.

Captured: Situation upon arrival

We organised cidomo (local horse cart and the only public transport in the island) to take us from harbour to hotel. They were asking IDR 150K per cidomo with 2 passangers and their luggages. Well, we won’t be walking to our hotel so we took that. Firstly, it’s a good way for them and us to enjoy the traditional transportation; secondly, from yhe harbour to our hotel takes about 30minutes by cidomo and it was super bloody hot.

That is Rama beside the cidomo that’s about taking off.

The locals said ut was raining last night before our arrival, butduring our times there, the weather was a bit nonsense. Blimey God, it was extremely hot. Could not complaint though. Then, there were 4 cidomos in total, I took the last one departing from the harbour. I was super exhausted, in my head only one thing: cold towel. I thought everybody needed that. Hehe…

Look at the pool!!!

We did the hotel checking, prepared for lunch. I couldn’t hardly wait the after lunch free time. Oh ya,… I and John took a bicycle ride from our hotel to lunch venue, about half an hour biking. The view was superb, unfortunately I was too busy executing the fresh fruit after a long tiring and sweating ride, so no picture.

After that, the free time is worth a wait. I wore my two pieces since checking-in and I would be ready whenever I had time to jump in. 

Beach beach: bikini, cold beers, good music, good companion

Cold beer on our table

So then, we decide to go to the beach. The water was warm, just perfect for dipping and holding a bottle of beer. I had not any power to swim, I was exhausted. The only reasonI cam to the beach was for the swing. LOL!!! Seriously, been dreaming to pose on that famous swing. 😀

Hotel Ombak Sunset’s famous swing

To be continued to My Sweet Escape #6: The Party

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