My Sweet Escape #6: Bangkok First Trip

Yellow peeps, how’s life?

I am about sharing my Thailand holiday. Been planning this trip for the whole year and finally, end of year holiday is here. Departed to BKK via Thai Airways and my flight full of hilarious stories. From the fact that it is my first flight with TG (Thai Air) until I got showered by a glass of wine and water (damn, that was my second glass of wine) and I got wet so I changed my pants into short during the flight. The steward felt so sorry, cleaned and dried my seat, put a blanker to ensure my seat is dry enough for me to. I didn’t complain, I was in a very good mood. Hahaha… 

Thai Airways inflight meal

The flight took 3 hours and 10 minutes, faster than scheduled. It was a smooth flight. Then, we bought a 7 days tourist SIM card for THB 299 with 3.5 GB data and free THB 100 free call. We also took MRT to our hostel in Si Lom area, THB 35 from Suvarnabhumi to Petchaburi interchange and another THB 25 from Petchabhuri to Si Lom.

The MRT coin

Once we reached Si Lom, we walked to find our hostel in Rama IV road. I never stay in a hostel before and definitely this trip will be my first. But, food first then hostel. Tried a pork soup for THB 60 with rice and I simply love it. It’s a kind of street food that I don’t mind to have everyday.

To be continued…


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