Lunar New Year 2017: Why Singapore?

I don’t have a very special reason why I decided to spend my time in Spore considering this is one amongst those expensive cities šŸ˜. It’s the first place I call home after my heart, I guess. Well, I can call any places home so long I leave my heart in. Essentially, it isn’t a place nor a person, home is where my heart flourishes.

Esplanade Theatre by the Bay

Well, indeed… 2016 has been a very tough year for me. My life was a disaster, devastated for what was happened. It was painful; I have been betrayed. I wished it was just bad dreams instead. 2016 has been a year full of struggles that eventually ended better. I put every pieces together in Sydney until I could stand on my feet again to realise “my life is beautiful” especially after everything fallen apart.

Life is beautiful

That’s why I want a new beginning. I want to wash all the pains of yesterday away. No more place for the yesterdays, it’s a new and a better me.

Candle to Mother, asking for a new year blessings at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Since it is the first day of year of the rooster, I would like to say: may the new year brings so much joys, prosperities and success this year and always.

To be continued…



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