Lunar New Year, Year of the Rooster 2017

Yellow… I am sorry, haven’t finished my Thai trip story because I was engaged to some other things and then, the new year is just coming. New year never been a big thing for me, but I kind of do special things in every new year and the most special thing will be this year after all.

I decided to spend my new year holiday (Lunar New Year) in Singapore. It’s been sometimes since I was home. Honestly, I am on a very tight budget but I want this coming year becomes totally new beginning, a brand new and a better me.

So, I flew Garuda Indonesia to Singapore in the hope of all the good things. First time in my life on my own without any friend. Well, I was worried at the beginning but when I reached the island… I care nothing but my self.

Since I am on a tight budget, I took MRT from Changi airport to Katong. I needed tometimes before I am used to everything again, oh, it’s been sometimes anyway.

After an hour, I unpacked and take my Nikon D200 to walk on my old memories. To Orchard and Chinatown. I welcome the Lunar New Year’s eve in Chinatown for the first time.

To be continued…



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