Lunar New Year 2017: Walk in My Memories

Singapore has so many stories of my early life, from stepping into my teens and learning to be a maturer person to the turning point of my early 30’s. I’ll be 32 according to Chinese calendar, a number that makes me somehow feel uneasy in so many ways. Some people keep asking why this and that, seriously, why the hell I will care about that? Especially now.

Collecting my moments

Years ago, I used to spend my times with some good friends, my bosses and some acquaintances strolling down the street here and there. That has been leaving a sweet and bitter memories. I keep all the good memories but I want to leave the bitter ones even I knew this is not how it worked. I lost my best friend few years ago, the bestie I ever had. The reason why I went to Chinatown in the first place after the new year’s celebration was him.

Chinatown Heritage Centre at Pagoda Street

I tried to find the lanterns we used to use as background picture but it was not there. Anyway, it never change how I look into that place. I eventually realised that he is my bestie and I was grateful to have him once.

In the other side, I need to calm my mind after all the pains I have been through. Sri Mariamman temple was the next place I went to. A weird feeling came in… a feeling I never be able to explain only tears running, but I don’t feel sad nor happy. A feeling that makes me want to scream.

Entrance to Sri Mariamman Temple, follow my IG @mytravelventure and walk with me.

It was very busy in Chinatown, road closured for a street performance that I couldn’t see, it seemed people have the same thought. Haha… After taking some pictures I decided to go to Clarke Quay where I want to conquer my phobia of sling-shot game. [Psst… I still have not taken the chance though].

My version of Clarke Quay

The last evening in year of the Monkey was beautifully closed.

To be continued…



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