A Walk to Remember #1

Today is the Chinese New Year [I wrote it on the first day of new year]. Feeling so lazy to get up out of my bed, I only want to lay down all day long doing nothing. But no no no… on the first day of new year I am used to pray, so I dragged my self down, took a shower, skipped breakfast because it’s been an awful breakfast. Decided to go to the Fountain of Wealth in Temasek Boulevard before I walk to somewhere else.

Took the bus no 10 from Katong To Suntec City, spent about 30 minutes to reach the bus stop and a little walk to the fountain.

Fountain of Wealth on Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City – Singapore

It’s located in 3 Temasek Blvd, close to Suntec City shopping mall. Said to be the largest fountain in the world in 1998. It should be very pretty but as long as I know, the fountain is turned off on certain day, like now, and we can walk to the centre of the fountain’s base to collect coins for good luck. [Well, I never do that though ✌🏻😅 that in fact I need abundance of luck].

The water is turned off

I am telling you a little old secret, I told my late bestie that this fountain (one day) will be the place for my pre-wedding photo. LOL… Now I don’t even know if I still want it. Hahaha…

I stayed quite a bit long. I remembered the old days I used to spend here during my lunch break. Oh, sometimes we held an event at the convention centre that’s why I spent sometimes during those days. Admiring the fountain yet dreaming of a brighter future. Whooaaa,… why so serious???

To be continued…



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