A Walk to Remember #2

I really have my “me-time” this new year that should have been done for years. Hesitated at the beginning but found to be grateful at the end as I deserved it. ✌🏻😊 So after the Fountain of Wealth, I went to Esplanade Theatre by the Bay through City Hall, took me about 15 minutes to reach the area.

Esplanade Theatre Area

I will not post many images of the area due to it’s still stored on my camera. I could do that later anyway, haha… Few years ago I and a couple of friends ended up here after a long tiring walk from Chinatown. I wanted to cherish that moment to keep it alive in my memory. Oh,… Such a melancholic person I am.

Taking some picture here and there; resting for a while while watching some tourists come in and go. Then, let’s check the Merlion. 

Marina Bay Sands from Merlion Park

Considering it is a CNY holiday and Saturday, bunch of people gathering around the Merlion; taking selfies or group photo or just wandering around. So, I took my first selfie of the year.

The Merlion

It was a hot day yet gloomy within seconds. I enjoyed my time spent, it’s just feel a bit weird that I am all alone while the rest came in group or pair. 

Watermelon & Lemon popsicle

I was tempted to try the popsicles sell near the Merlion so, I grabbed my SGD 10.00 to change it with a refreshing watermelon & lemon popsicle at SGD 7.50.  After grabbing my ice, I took a seat near the statue watching people. The best thing I ould do when I have no one to talk to and in fact, it’s an interesting thing to do.

A view from Esplanade Park

Satisfied to the view, I walked to Esplanade Park to find a shelter under a tree. Take some selfies again. LOLZ…

This is how I do a selfie βœŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚

Let’s move to Boat Quay.

To be continued…



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