Road to the S-shaped Country

After a long hiatus, I finally found my will to write a little proper story. Now, let me begin from Vietnam.

Every year, we (my office) take an annual leave visiting certain places for a short holiday after working for the whole year. It’s always been something we’re waiting for. And this year, we decided for Vietnam, visiting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Tickets were purchased months before (we’re always looking for the best airlines promo fare).

We started our trip, bound to Vietnam via Singapore. After 2.5hrs + 3hrs flight, we finally reached Hanoi. First impression, I don’t speak the language. Hahaha… Oh well, none of my friends do. Arranged a pickup service and a 30 minutes drive was a tiring trip for us but we’re so eager to explore the city.

Oh yeah, to smoothen our trip we purchased local number for VND 270,000, slightly cheaper than what we read on travel reviews. Yeay, good accomplishment. LOL!!

We got on the minivan that we arranged for USD 30.00 with the hotels (it’s cheaper than taking the taxi, since we travel in group). The driver was nice, even though he doesn’t speak English much (I started to feel frustrated, and every time I cannot speak the language, I can be so cranky).

Arrived at the hotel. It’s an old hotel I guessed, but the room is nice. Took 2 family rooms for our stay. I’ll share the room photos later, we unpacked and we made a mess. Yeay!! Haha… And Simon the guy who were helping with hotel arrangement, greeted us and show us around Hanoi (thru a map). We stored our luggages in the room and walking for foods.

This city, I am amazed how locals love to eat out and those tiny food stalls… sometimes can be really cramped. It was where we dined, a nice hot noodles for Hanoi’s chilly weather. It was 19 degrees when we arrived. The noodles were amazingly good ( I didn’t know if it was really good or I was starving).

It was pork and beef noodles. See the blood? That’s good tho.

What made me a little confused was their traffic. People don’t give a shit on the road. It was green light for pedestrians but some drivers just didn’t care. Damn,… Bali was bad with traffic but here… let see if we survive. LOL!!

Nothing much for the first night.

All I could say, our hotel is surrounded by foods stalls.

To be continued


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