3 Nusa: Nusa Ceningan

Hello there…

It’s May 2018. I am so sorry, it could not be helped that I was engaged to some works which made me unable to have my “me time” to write and to share my experiences. I have some to share tho. And I owe some stories to my self. I will try my best to get me in the mood! Fighting!!!

Well, this is from the last trip to 3 Nusa. Nusa means small island and 3 Nusa are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. I stayed at Nusa Lembongan in a beautiful resort which has a private white sandy beach facing the magnificent Mt. Agung. It’s especially gorgeous when there’s no clouds or only thin clouds around as we can see that Mt. Agung clearly. By the way, you must have heard that Mt. Agung erupted after over 50 years, it was happened between September and December 2017. All good now, activities return to normal after all.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy when I took this photo.

Okay, let me start from my trip crossing the island in a fast boat (travelled with Eka Jaya Fast Boat, highly recommended!) to Nusa Ceningan. We took water activities in Nusa Ceningan and the package includes lunch on the island. I did Underwater Scooter which amazingly I enjoyed so much. I used to easily be panicking about getting into water but this underwater scooter experience is something I’d love to do again and I’d recommend! Ssh!!! We can do fish feeding! I hope I could post some photos but my colleague hasn’t shared it to me 😦 SAD!

Fine, forget it. After the underwater scooter, I tried snorkeling with fish feeding. Our guide gave us some bread to feed the fish. And the water was crystal clear, I could see underwater Pagodas they purposely put underwater and it becomes one of the attractions on the island. And if you’re dying to try diving but too afraid of getting into deep water or you inexperienced just like me or you just have too many reasons not to, semi diving is the answer. It allows you to dive into the water, deep enough to use the oxygen tank but it’s just below the surface. Wearing the weight belt to sink you, wearing the oxy mask in a cage shaped area with instructors around you to keep you safe. You still able to feed the fish, you’ll be given some breads tho. I got bitten by a fish when I kept my bread too close to me.

Continued to the shore, I did canoeing and Banana Boat. I know it’s a common thing to do but why would you think I would pass it?! I got my skin burnt anyway. Haha 🤣!

Ooh… If you one of those people that watch that dirty underwater of Lembongan which went viral few months ago, I could tell you, it was crystal clear. NO trash! And then… It’s ended up with lunch, a Chinese food lunch, because most of their guests are Chinese.

we finished filming and doing all those stuffs about 2 in the afternoon. We packed our things and hop on a buggy car to the Yellow Bridge. Hoping to Nusa Lembongan by crossing the famous Yellow Bridge. It’s a must do and must see while you’re on the island. It’s about 5 minutes drive from the activity point. We had the guy from our hotel picked us up on the other end. He was lovely and very helpful.

To be continued…


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