3 Nusa: Nusa Lembongan

On my previous post I shared my activities on Nusa Ceningan. We did many kind of water activities with a view. Well my dear, you can’t deny those beautiful sceneries. A blue sky meets a blue water with all those greenish surrounding. Honestly, these 3 Nusa typically hot and dry, but now days you can’t even find the difference between one place to another due to global warming. It feels hotter than used to be.

I told you that we were going through the Yellow Bridge to reach Nusa Lembongan. We took some shots on the way before we crossed the bridge. It was challenging as the bridge can accommodate 1 bike per way, two bikes on opposite ways,… hmm… better not. On the other end, our guy from the hotel waited for us. They got our luggages onto the van and we drove around the island. The hotel was on the opposite end, about half an hour.

Long story short… Upon check in we met the General Manager of the hotel to inform everything we needed for the shooting. We did some shots at the hotel before dinner. By the way, they serve amazing foods. Delicious and tasty. You won’t regret it! Oh… Did I tell you that the trip was helping out a Thai YouTuber for his new YouTube contents? Well, if I hadn’t, I forgot. Haha… Too excited getting my mood back to write a new post.

I got a beautiful room with a view facing the ocean. Well dude, it was our privilege to be there! The room was modern and simple. Kind of perfect for our trip. Large pool. The beach club with those beds. It’s an exotic island experience.

What I like about this hotel a.k.a resort? The view? The foods? The staffs? Yes, and also the beach, a beautiful white sandy beach. And it’s a private beach too, but they allow public to come and to use the beach (except on special events, they block it for theirs). They serve pork and chicken satay during sunset (oops… didn’t check the price) and you also can order some beverages (aperitifs, mocktails, soda, juices… anything). Lounging on the beach with some satay and waiting for the sunset. It was cloudy, I didn’t get a stunning sunset.

I did a quick tour near the hotel but I was so stupid, I left my camera near the pool. There a few points for you see some areas of the island from the island’s highest point. I definitely will comeback with my camera then I could share more posts.

When the sun goes down, they lighten up some colourful lights in different shapes, like oyster and jelly fish.

We closed the night with some food shootings before dinner. I told you they served delicious foods, didn’t I?! My favourite was their pink tuna and terdeloin steak. It’s juicy and tender. When I asked medium rare, medium rare it was.

And the desert that night was amazing. Unfortunately I got a shore throat so I could not take it. It was mango fried ice cream.

To be continued…

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