The S-shaped Country continued

Today’s been a great day. Going around the Old Quarter, spoiled by the foods and exhausted from the long walk. But, it worth a shot.

My typical morning was started very early, got up about 4am for a short chat with my-so-called-other-half, went back to sleep a lil longer and then breakfast. Half of the day I spent wandering around the city, from Museum of Revolution to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Unfortunately, when we visited the HCM Mausoleum, we were not allowed to enter the site due to the body is still in Russia. Don’t ask me why, been so hard to communicate in English with locals. Am facing a hard time,… LOL! But there are plenty of things to see. The guards who are guarding the site is one of interesting objects to see. They would stand still for hours. You know, it makes me wander if they even allowed to breathe. Hehe… Joking! They’re dedicated to the job. There’s also a museum of the HCM early life, pay for VND 40,000 to enter the place.

Just, I didn’t enter the place as I was more interested in the park of the Mausoleum. Then, we walked towards Hoan Kiem Lake with a stop at Ly Thai To monument (the founder of Ly Dynasty in Vietnam). It has a nice skateboard site though.

Then, continued to the temple in Hoan Kiem Lake. Paid VND 30,000 to enter the site and as usual, I always amazed at how the temple is decorated and designed.

Remember to dress properly before you enter the temple. Show your respect! If you happen wearing sleeveless and shorts, they provide a robe at the entrance for you to cover your body. You can return the robe afterwards.

A city walk won’t be complete without a food-venture. Tried one of the highly recommended café which is famous with its egg coffee.

Reasonable prices, good foods and coffee. Oh the egg coffee,… 2 thumbs up!!

Only paid for VND 30,000 for a good good egg coffee. The Banh My also good and cheap. You should try, they serve a tasty Banh (bun)! I won’t be surprised tho, considering they adopted and adapted many French cultures including its breads. You know, French are famous with its great tasty breads. Hit it if you’re in town.

To end the day, I went to Dong Xuan Market where you can find almost everything. Practice your bargaining skill here, the satisfaction of getting a cheaper price is unbeatable! Trust me! I paid half the price for a beautiful Viet fabrics to make my own Ao Dai (Viet National dress). And I also got few metres more, a plain silky materials for other purposes.

And the Bun Cha for dinner is perfect to close the day. Had it at Bun Cha Ta, paid for VND 95,000 for complete package. Damn, it’s SO GOOD!! And yes, it is listed on a Must-visited-place in Hanoi for its Bun Cha. Check on TripAdvisor for details. Taste can’t lie, ya know!

Oh, one more thing. You have to hit it!! I found it on my way back to hotel. Deep fried pigeon or quail, YUMMY!!

Fresh savoury taste with its greens, gosh!!


To be continued


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