3 Nusa: Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida, the third island I visited during the filming of 7 must see, eat and do in Bali; co-hosting a Thai YouTuber (here is his link, he works a lot on Asean tourist destinations). Again, it was my first time doing a vlog for YouTube contents professionally. It such a great chance that happened on time. Why I said so?! Coz I was planning to learn deeper into doing contents for my personal interests. I have been always interested in learning new things tho. Well then, I am just so happy. 😂

As we stayed in Mahagiri Resort Nusa Lembongan, we asked the resort’s staff to assist with boat and car arrangement to cross the island. We left early at 7 in the morning in order to catch our boat to Bali. We planned to go to Crystal Bay and Kelingking Beach or Atuh Beach and Broken Beach. So you know, these places are flooding the internet, especially instagram feeds.

We left with breakfast boxes, oh Jesus, I love these people at Mahagiri Resort. They prepared a super generous breakfast box, the best I ever had so far. I asked some breads and they added on mineral water and orange juice. It takes 15 minutes crossing the island. Our driver waited us at the harbour. Considering the time, we decided to go to Kelungking Beach. Do you know Kelingking literally means? It is little finger. I asked our driver why it is named after Kelingking, he said because the cliff we headed to shaped like a little finger if we from above.

We were squeezed in the car on an hour of bumpy road. I was regretting my decision to go with the plan, but it was half way through and there was no turning back. Seriously, would you turn back half way through? We reached it at 9 in the morning, nobody was there. Our driver said it would be packed by noon, so, it was a very good time for filming. And the drone shots got its best angle. A little advise, arrive early in the morning if you wish to enjoy the view by yourselves and wear sneakers to climb down the cliff. I wore slippers and it was not the best to do.

If you wish to climb down, please mind your steps as the fences made of bamboos and it was a very decent fences. Be careful of broken bamboo, it cuts you without you notice it. Well, it happened to me and my little finger bled out. Lucky, I met a Moroccan guy live in Sydney, he cleaned my cut and gave me band aid.

It took half an hour or longer just to climb down and up. Or more if you go to the beach. Down there, there’s a hidden beach where you can chillax all day. I didn’t go down, only half way down the cliff. Gosh, I was sweating like a pig. Haha… It was hot and humid and the fact that I sweat easily was a big deal during the filming. And… as I climbed up, people started coming. Just like our driver told us, people come around 10 or 11 which make it a little packed.

As we still need to get more places, we changed our plan. Instead of leaving the island at 2pm with Ekajaya Fast Boat, we would leave the island with Mahagiri Fast Boat at 4pm. Which meant we had a plenty of time to go to another spot. And there we go, another hour of bumpy roads to Atuh Beach. Oh by the way, Kelingking Beach is highly recommended to visit. Despite of the bumpy roads, I personally think it’s worth the time.

To be continued…

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