Home Cooking: Pickled Chillies

Hello pals,

Recently I have been craving for Sichuan style Pickled Chicken Feet. Oh, what?! Yes, you are right it’s chicken and it’s feet, CHICKEN FEET! Haha… some of you may think it’s gross but for me it’s one of my favourite snacks. High protein and cheap!

So, to cook pickled chicken we need a good amount of pickled chillies. What’s the point of having a pickled chicken without chillies? As many knows, Sichuan Foods have that strong kick and spicy. Not a big fan of spicy foods, but can’t passed it just yet. A short story behind my cravings. I opened some old photos whilst I was in Singapore. Singapore, for me, has a special place in my heart so does the foods. Many different ethnicities resided in Singapore for generations and make it a country that rich in culinary selections. Sichuan food is one amongst those.

Pickled chillies

That’s about Singapore and Sichuan food. Since it’s nearly impossible to find pickled chicken feet to bring back my good Singapore times, it would be wise for me to cook it myself. Plus, I can adjust the spiciness to meet my taste.

What do you need?

Chillies (a lot of chillies , I’d like to make it in a big batch)

1 cup Rice vinegar

2 cups distilled water

Salt & sugar to taste

Have you got all the ingredients? Let’s get going!

  1. Get a big bowl and place chillies in. Boiled some water and pour into the bowl. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  2. On a container (preferably glass containers), mix water with vinegar, salt and sugar.
  3. Drain chillies, put it into container. Mixed it well. Stored it in the fridge. Your pickled will be ready after 12 hours.

Next, I’ll share how I use my pickled chillies.


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