Reborn: #2

Yellow peeps, so I was telling you about my journey to be a new me. After weeks of discussion and hesitation, I decided to come to a yoga retreats. I emailed back and forth to confirm my reservation. A bunch of questions were answered by the yoga instructor wisely and encouragingly. She’s such an angel.

Our villa with private pool

The D-day was finally arrived. I left for the retreat on Sunday afternoon. I came empty, I was ready to receive anything that might help me to be a better new person. I told him to wish me luck, since I didn’t know what to expect from the retreats. And honestly, I almost cancelled my reservation on the day but I didn’t. I brought my mat too. Checked-in on at the villa. It was a beautiful villa with beautiful garden. I shared a room with a stranger then a good friend. We had the main bedroom with private pool and outdoor shower. I wish I was there with my man tho. Hahaha… Oops,… To the topic! I was afraid these stangers wouldn’t accept me; afraid I wasn’t flexible enough (it would be so embarassing, that was I thought). I got to know my room mate before dinner, she’s such a kind person. A person you’d instantly love at the first meeting.

Our Vegan dinner

At 6pm, we went to the restaurant where the welcome dinner was set up. We met more people, 20 more people from around the world (from New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, the US, China, France, the UK) with different background and different reasons of why they decided to come to the retreats. They were all such a loving people with great personality. I never thought they would welcome me in an open arms. We shared many stories on the dinning table, a story to remember and to cherish. I thanked my self for being so brave to come and of course, I thank him endessly for being such a great supporter. Also my brother and my sister. 我爱你们。。。谢谢宝贝, 谢谢哥哥和姐姐。We closed our dinner with a cultural performance, watching Kecak and Fire Dance at one of local theatre. For the first time, I had such a good sleep with a newly-met room mate.

Kecak & Fire Dance Performance, pardon me for the low quality picture


See you on my next post…

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