Reborn: #3

Yellow peeps, and yes, I’d like to continue my reborn journey for the new me. I had such a good deep sleep with my newly-met roommate. We started our first class in the morning. The bell rang at 7am, we were expected to start our first class at 7:30am. We had half an hour to sip our tea with some snacks. We can’t have heavy meals before yoga, or if you do want to have a heavy meals then it is better to have it at least 2 hours before class and 1 hour before class if you have fluids (milk, smoothy, etc).

Our hearty breakfast

We met our Yoga Instructor, Bindi and Anisha. They both have a beautiful soul and a great personality and Bindi, personally I think she’s a very positive kind and loving person. She has a a beautiful voice, very claming and I could never imagine to have that soft loving voice. They started with the introductions. Introductions? I hate it. I don’t like public speaking, even though it’s only a self introductions. But, I had no other options. I found my courage and I finally spoke in front of those people. They had a very interesting stories of why they decided to come for a yoga retreats, some said they want to find their inner peace; some said they were struggling to find their true selves (oh yeah baby, you’re not the only one); some wanted to deepen their practice and learn traditonal yoga. As you may know, many practices in the market uses yoga as their basics but only a few of them practicing a traditional yoga. I did some fitness based yoga too before.

At the yoga shala

I told them I want to LET GO of my pasts, becoming a better me. My roommate, she wanted to find her life purpose. She was struggling with her love life, a never ending rejections and unbalanced relationships. We all came empty. The class was started with a meditation, a mindful way to see deep into our heart that I left for so long. I did meditate before – on and off. If you understand the struggle to stay still without losing your focus on your environtment, then you’d understand my feeling. But I signed it up, no way for me to turn back to square one, or at least I don’t want to go back. The first 30 minutes of meditation felt so long, I kept counting – well I didn’t know the exact minutes, but it’s LONG! I survived, YEAY!!! After meditated, here came the Yoga Asana. We started with Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskhar), I did in many times but I still need to learn the correct way, the right alignment to avoid any misalightments that lead to an injury. You don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?!

The class ended at 10:30am. BREAKFAST time! I was hoping a big full breakfast but instead we received a bowl of tropical fruits with granola. There’re coffee, tea (with 3 different teas – chai tea, mint tea, and rosella tea), coconut milk. Oh they served vegan by the way. YES, it’s VEGAN food. Haven’t I mentioned it? I am not a Vegetarian nor Vegan, but I don’t mind to.

After breakfast, the class continued with the Essence of Yoga (what is Yoga, branches of Yoga, 6 paths of Yoga). Sounds boring? Not really, told you Bindi delivered it well.


See you on next post… xox

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