Reborn: #4 (Finish)

Heyaaa peeps, I survived my first day of my yoga retreats. I got to know more people as the time passes. Meditations and Yoga Asana filled with informations about the faoundation of Yoga, it was a worth investment. I would have regret it if I didn’t come.

I made new friends, they’re cool people. I haven’t told you that on the first day, after our workshop Bindi – our morning instructor, asked us to randomly choose a card that she laid on the floor. I was surprised yet amazed on the card I got. It was “Surrender and Release”, I felt like the universe is listening. Didn’t I tell them I want to let go of my past?

Breakfast time

Next lessons were Meditations and its benefits. I only came for a 4 days retreat, so I didn’t follow the whole sessions. However, these 4 days gave me abundance. I am truly glad I came. We had a free time from 12pm – 4pm daily. We went to Sound Healing session that said to be useful in healing process. One of our friends fell of the stairs, she came to this session and it worked like miracle, she walked on her own right after the session. For me, I felt a little lighter in my heart. Hundreds of people come everyday for a sound healing session, I’ll share further on another post if you’re interested.

Attempting the Shoulders stand or Survangasana with a huge help from my roommate.

I gained so much. I learnt never ego defeats you. I told you I was afraid attending any yoga class because I was afraid of not being flexible enough; not advance enough; and many negative thoughts lingering my mind. It is our EGO that limit us and block us to strive  to be a better person. Our EGO wants to look better; to look more flexible; to look more advance than others. A beautiful lesson from a yoga retreats. I am proud of my self for being so brave taking a huge step in my life. A beautiful way to start my 2019.

To be able to letting go, a surrender and release is the answer.

REBORN. I live my life to the fullest with no regrets. Live with positivities, nothing impossible if I really try. I would thank once again to Blooming Lotus Yoga, especially our two instructors – Bindi and Annisha, and also my new friends I met during the retreats. It is a fond memory. I’ll keep practicing yoga and meditate regularly.



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