The Sound Healing

Hey peeps, How’s life?

Have you ever heard of Sound Healing? Or have you ever done this before? If yes, how’s your experience? I am new on this topic, if I didn’t meet my new friends on a yoga retreats, I might never knew about it and what’s the benefits. Since I never heard of it, I was a bit hesitant to tell my friends but the knew, right?! During lunch time, we spent our time searching for the best Sound Healing in Bali. We came up with The Pyramids of Chi – I was like, “What the hell?!” but I still going tho. Hahaha… It’s so me, hesitant but didn’t want to regret it.

These new friends shared some informations they found online, about how does it works and what’s its benefits to our body and mind. One said they use Gong, but honestly I couldn’t imagine it. I still booked it for us to go the next day. We wanted to have a private session, but our practice and private session didn’t meet the schedule, so we ended up coming for the public sessions. We hired a driver, he was kind with a good personality. We spent AUD 30.00 per person (I paid AUD 20.00, special discount for residents. Hahaha… for the first time I am proud to be ones).

They welcomed us with an open heart. Always feel good to come to a place with like minded people, a welcome drink with introductions of what sound healing is and how it works (find our more here). There’re two pyramids that are used for the healing sessions. They lay some mattress on the floor (over 50s I thought). It took less than 2 hours per session and it does wonder to our body and mind. I believe different experiences for different people, I felt much lighter in my heart whilst one of my friend got injured as she fell of the stairs prior our yoga practice – she could walk!

How does it work? Started with adjusting our breathing, take a deep slow breath, relax our muscles (face, shoulders, back, feet) – whole body muscles. Close your eyes, slightly open your jaw (it helps us to relax), stay mindful and focus – you may drifted off but don’t fall asleep (you may snore and possibly disturbing the whole practice).

Said a deep sleep during a sound healing session is 1:2 to normal sleep, so if you take a 2 hours session it’s equal to 4 hours sleep. And the most important thing to do before you drifted off is to set an INTENTION. There’s a term of Sankalpa in the world of meditations. Sankalpa – an intention that we want to focus on and set in a present tense, for instance: I am happy; I am success; I am metally healed, etc. By setting an intention, it is said the healing session would be more powerful.

It’s not the only place in Bali for Sound Healing, there are a lot of more. I’d like to share on my post, in case you’d like to try whilst you’re in Bali then you’ll know where to go:

  1. Sound Healing Bali
  2. Radiantly Alive 
  3. or if you happen to be in Bali during Bali Spirits Festival, you may try it before jump into another session.
  4. Ubud Yoga Centre
  5. The Yoga Barn

Okay peeps, I have shared enough on this post. Hit me if you have any questions.


3 thoughts on “The Sound Healing

  1. sound healing is available in many places, often you can find gong yoga and sound baths in yoga studios. My entire blog is devoted to exploring types of sound healing. After a visceral experience I could not explain, i have been on a mission… Glad you found it and its benefits!

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