Hungry? My Favourite Places #1

Hey peeps, we are so familiar to the word HUNGRY! Hungry, based on Merriam Webster Dictionary, means:

  1. a. feeling an uneasy or painful sensation from lack of food feeling hunger; b. characterized by or characteristic of hunger or appetite.
  2. Eager; Avid
  3. Not rich or fertile: Barren

Do you have your favourite places to go for a quick lunch or a nice Sunday brunch with some friends and families? I do. I’d like to share my “to go places” in Bali that I’d love to visit with my sister and friends.

  1. Take Japanese Restaurant

Talking about Japanese restaurant, I can’t exclude this particular restaurant. I’d say taste wise close to what I tasted in Japan. Well, no wonder, Japanese owns and runs, managed by Rama Restaurantss Group. They keep it authentic. Pricey but Japanese food lovers won’t regret it. What do I love from the resto? In any Japanese Restaurant I would like to have sashimi, California rolls, Chuuka Wakame, Chuuka Iidako, cold noodles (somen), Agedashi Dofu. I like randomly choose from their menu. Check it out for reference.

2. Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant

Similar to Take but in more friendly prices. When I was working at a hotel, I used to come 2-3 times a week at one of their brances (Sanur Branch). I don’t like our cafetaria’s foods. If I didn’t want to suffer, I’d go to this place. I have my personal favourite at this restaurant, Shiro Sashimi and Gomae. It’s tender, buttery. Oh my God, my happiness in 3 slices of butter fish. Check their menu here.


Interior Ryoshi Seminyak Image from Ryoshi Bali

3. Starbucks Sanur

Why Starbucks? We can find this particular coffee brand (almost) everywhere in the world. There’s even one in Shanghai named as the biggest Starbucks store in the world. So why? It simply because the store is located in Sanur – the most laid back area in Bali. Still many tourists but you won’t be suffocated. Hahaha… I am used to come to this place with my cousin and a couple of close friends.

4. The Hub

What is it? The Hub is considered new in Bali. Located in Sanur – it’s a perfect place for me to runaway from the office. Hahaha… I have so many reasons working from a cafe. What do I love from this restaurant? The abient and their foods. Price wise is considered high for Sanur area. I don’t mind for once or twice a month, I don’t go that often either. My recommendation? Their Coffee! Look at their extesive menu.


Hot Cafe Latte and Tiramisu in a jar

5. Happy Chappy Chinese

Yum Cha lovers, satisfy your taste buds with All You Can Eat at this restaurant. Don’t like their Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 (I expected it would be like the one from Din Dai Fung, or at least close to) but, I like their BakBao event though I am not a big fan of this Bao, their fried dofu skin and shumai. Don’t ask me their names, check it out on their menu. A reservation in advance is highly recommended and avoid to come during peak hours (lunch & dinner) if you haven’t reserved your table or you can always wait at the bar.



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